Phillip Matthews

This award is used to recognize members who have been in the organization for less than 3 years, yet have made significant and notable contributions to ACRP.

Randy Young

Award recipients must meet two or more of the following:

  • Exhibit innovation and/or creative initiative that results in a significant contribution to ACRP’s mission and goals.

  • Identify new and creative solutions to problems.

  • Embodies strong work ethic including loyalty, honesty and integrity.

  • Works collaboratively with others to achieve a goal in support of ACRP’s mission.

  • Demonstrates initiative enhancing and improving the long-term vision and strategy.

Marty McAdams

The Heart Award is presented to an ACRP member who displays intangible traits such as effort, desire, determination, and leadership and who extends themselves to the fullest every time: one who stays the course regardless of adversity.